About Xfactor

From identifying target markets to submitting winning proposals, XFactor, a MileMarker10 company, powers Government Contractors with the market and competitor information they need, when they need it, and in context.

XFactor supercharges federal sector growth by making early teaming, company insights, and queries easier, with informative searches structured to answer the questions that matter most. On XFactor, you can easily find updates from across the marketplace from the most trusted sources.

With XFactor, we have created a seamless and integrated solution for accessing contract vehicle opportunities and awards intel. By consolidating all of the disparate sources of government contracting information into one convenient and user friendly platform, we’ve eliminated the cumbersome process of navigating between multiple contracting vehicle platforms such as GSA, the Multiple Awards System (MAS), and betaSAM.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy when using XFactor:

  • Search dynamically across numerous data points, including Agency Names, RFQ IDs and RFQ Titles, Buyer, and/or key words.
  • Quickly and easily save and access the search results that matter the most to you in a My Opportunities folder.
  • Get instant insight into some of the most sought after multiple award schedules on the Executive Dashboard.
  • Explore advanced teaming opportunities by way of the Interested Vendors tab, which allows you to add your contact information and credentials to any opportunity, as well as view other Interested Vendors.
  • Download all relevant solicitation documentation seamlessly, eliminating the need to visit numerous, disparate, and often convoluted federal sites to access and gather the same information.
  • Sign up for daily email updates based on the specific criteria that matters the most to you.
XFactor is the first Federal contracting opportunity solution powered by data from G2Xchange