About Xfactor

With XFactor, we have created a seamless and integrated solution for accessing contract vehicle opportunities and awards intel. By consolidating all of the disparate sources of government contracting information into one convenient and user-friendly platform, we’ve eliminated the cumbersome process of navigating between multiple contracting vehicle platforms such as GSA, the Multiple Awards System (MAS), and SAM.gov (SAM).

Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy when using XFactor: 

• Access GSA Schedule Task Orders 

• Look up SAM Opportunities 

• Retrieve, save and download SAM Contract Data Reports (FPDS) 

Easily access IDIQ, GWAC, and BPA Historical Data 

• Review strategic intelligence about key market players 

Slice and Dice Opportunities from Agency Forecasts 

XFactor is the first Federal contracting opportunity solution powered by data from G2Xchange